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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ==== pwm in uboot ==== ==== pwm in uboot ====
 +pwm-patches from sam are merged in 2020-07, but to use them there is cmd_pwm needed
 http://​​t/​bpi-r64-current-u-boot-support/​10077/​74 http://​​t/​bpi-r64-current-u-boot-support/​10077/​74
-Available in [[https://​​frank-w/​u-boot/​commits/​2020-04-bpi-pwm|2020-04-bpi-pwm branch]]+both Available in [[https://​​frank-w/​u-boot/​commits/​2020-04-bpi-pwm|2020-04-bpi-pwm branch]]
 +here pwm1 (0) is defined in dts
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