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   * seems to work with 4.14, Test: [[|forum]]   * seems to work with 4.14, Test: [[|forum]]
   * no support in 4.4.70 [[|forum]]   * no support in 4.4.70 [[|forum]]
 +Current implementation works only between lan and wan (not wifi or other interfaces)
 +at least you have to setup nat on wan:
 +${ipt} -t nat -F
 +${ipt} -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o ${if_wan} -j MASQUERADE
 +and load hnat-module:
 +  modprobe mtkhnat
 +Check if it is working with
 +#via debugfs (working shows BIND-state)
 +cat /sys/kernel/debug/hnat/all_entry
 +#via interrupts (counter does not increase after a while (download))
 +cat /proc/interrupts | grep 'ethernet'
 [[|original-Patch for 4.9 (lede)]] [[|original-Patch for 4.9 (lede)]]
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